Inside Airpods Case Safedome Genuine Carbon Fiber Airpods 1&2 Cover Case Supports Wired



ENGINEERED FOR FREQUENT FLYERS AND COMMUTERS: 5 times lighter than steel yet 10 times stronger, Carbon Fiber is a very versatile material used in different industries for different applications. Carbon Fiber is used to create this extremely sturdy Airpod case.

BUSINESS EXECUTIVE DESIGN: A perfect fit for your business executive trouser pocket and designed to hide within the compartments of travel luggage and a business briefcase, this airpod case beautifully showcases the elegance of the carbon fiber black weave, coated in a smooth sheen of resin.

EASY TO LOCATE IN THE DARK: When stored in the airpod case, the LED light from your airpods align with the little hole present at the bottom of the case, making the light visible through this hole. Locating your case is made easier in the dark with this feature.

SUITABLE FOR AIRPODS 1 and AIRPODS 2 : Can fit wireless and wired charging pods for iphone 6, 7, 8 and X. Its pristine surface is smooth to touch, the flip lid is ergonomically designed to snap open and shut with ease. Water, corrosion and impact-resistant, this Safedome Carbon Fiber case will protect your airpods from the rough and tumble of non-stop travel. The dimensions of this Airpod case are 1.74 x 1.77 inches x 0.9 inches.

12 MONTHS GUARANTEE: Your SAFEDOME Genuine Carbon Fiber Airpod case can endure the rough and tumble of business and lifestyles on the go, and it is backed by our 12-month guarantee.

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Matte Black, Glossy Black



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