DISNEY COLLECTION Wireless Airpod 1 and Airpod 2 Protection Case Big Ben and Peter Pan with Friends



The surface of AirPods is smooth, but they are fragile and easily scratched, It sticks easily to fingerprints and oils. Therefore, we have designed an AirPods case that It can prevent that from happening. The Apple AirPods cover uses high quality silicone material; if you accidentally fall from a height, you do not need to worry, it will protect the Airpods from damage. Apple AirPods are expensive and easy to lose. So, we have a keychain. You can hang it on your pants, bags and somewhere else. Apple AirPods case charging ports are designed with openings. When you need to charge, you can charge directly. We have the Disney license, unique Big Ben And Peter Pan With Friends pattern design, let your Airpods no longer monotonous.


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