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[Interesting design] Interesting design,super cute fashion trend appearance. The 3D cartoon-designed case makes your AirPod look different,stylish and cool. At the same time,the charging port is retained. The charging port is very good,will be deformed by charging,and can use all the features of the Air Pods charging case.

[Quality material] This cute Airpod is made of high quality silicone material,which is perfect for your Airpods 1/2,pro This ensures easy insertion and removal of the charging case. The perfect gift for friends and family.

[All-round protection] Dust-proof,shock-proof,anti-scratch,will loosen or deform for long-term use. Waterproof design protects your Airpod.

[Accessories] We have a sturdy metal keychain that you can attach to the key so you always know where the key is and dont have to worry about losing it. It is only easy to carry,but it also decorates the Airpod.

If you have any questions or are completely satisfied with Airpod Case,please consult us and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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AIRPODS PRO, AIRPODS PRO, AirpodS 1/2, AirpodS 1/2, AIRPODS PRO, AirpodS 1/2


Brass, Yellow, Yellow, Pink, Pink, Brass


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