Compatible with Airpods Pro/for Airpods 3??Funny Cartoon Animation Wall??E Silicone Case Design, Suitable for Fashion Girl Child Teen Boy Airpods Pro Case (Wall-E)



?This cute and unique WALL??E cartoon character-patterned Airpods protective case fits perfectly with your Airpods Pro, retaining the bottom charging port and eliminating the need to remove the case when charging. It does not interfere with the use of buttons.

?This Airpods case is compatible with Airpods Pro/for Airpods 3. Made of high-quality soft silicone material, the surface is slightly matte, feels very comfortable, and the interior is polished. It fits tightly with Airpods and is not easy to fall off.

?With super cute and popular cartoon shape, plus interesting and unique Yoda Baby design, decorate your Airpods, make you feel happy every day. Ideal for gifts to kids, teenagers and girls.

?Charging hole design, the bottom of the reservation charge hole, conducive to headset charging Makes it easier to securely carry around Airpods

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