Podskinz Airpods Case Shockproof Protective Airpods Case Cover Airpods Case



FASHIONABLE SLEEK DESIGN WITH VIBRANT COLORS C We designed our airpod case to be more fashionable with 3 interchangeable vibrant color middle bands in dark gray, red, and neon yellow to offset the luxurious black base of the case. You can change the case color daily depending on your mood and outfit. It offers you more optional accessories for your apple airpods. Perfect for men, women, students, and kids.

THICKER AND MORE DURABLE WITH EASY INSTALLATION C We use premium silicone to ensure our airpods cover is thicker and more durable than other AirPods silicone skins on the market. It will not rip easily and it offers excellent, long-lasting protection against scuff marks, scratches, and other blemishes that occur through normal everyday use. Its also very easy to put the airpods charging case in our silicone case and you can easily remove the charging case from it when needed.

WATER RESISTANT AND SHOCKPROOF – Engineered from durable and impact absorbent material to provide the perfect balance of protection, fit, and, style. It protects your AirPods charging case from drops and impacts. Water resistant technology protects your valuable airpods charging case from daily outdoor activities.

GLOW-IN-THE-DARK C Our case is designed to glow in the dark. In order for this feature to work properly, you need to use this Apple AirPods case during the day under sunlight or other artificial high intensity light for a period of time. At night it will glow naturally in the dark if charged enough from light sources. This makes it more convenient for you to find your apple airpods at night.

PORTABLE AND MORE CONVENIENT C Our airpods skin comes with a detachable carabiner which enables you to strap or hang your Apple AirPods to other accessories such as keychains, bags, belts etc We designed our case to lay flat against any surface when using the carabiner.

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