Ownest Compatible with AirPods Case with Girls Cute Clear Smooth PC Shockproof No Dust Cover Case for Apple Airpods 2 &1,Cute for



???Compatible with??This case compatible with Airpods 2018 and New Airpods 2019.

???Case to AirPods is 1: 1??When we produce earphone cases, we use real AirPods as models, so the ratio of the case to AirPods is 1: 1.This makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the headphone case.

???Exterior design??Unique appearance design makes your AirPods more attractive.

???Easy to use??Because the button of AirPods needs to be pressed once after booting, No need to use push button switch when used normally,So we removed the hole of the button switch when designing.But it does not affect the normal use of normal,as long as you open the lid when you use it,it will automatically link to your phone.

???High-quality materials??High quality PC material protects your AirPods from damage when dropped, not scratched by other items.

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