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DESIGNED FOR AIRPODS PRO: High quality memory foam replacement ear tips for Apple AirPods Pro. Comes in 3 pairs: all small size. Item is only an ear tip. AirPods Pro not included.

BOOST YOUR SOUND EXPERIENCE: Listen to your favorite music in an exceedingly better quality. Memory foams outstanding seal improves noise isolation and noise-reduction therefore, enhancing the sound you hear.

SOFT AND SLOW REBOUND: Adopting premium grade memory foam, ear tip is much more comfortable to wear than ordinary silicone. It is flexible thus, lessens ear fatigue even for long hours of use. Secure on the ear so you dont have to worry about it slipping off. Perfect for running, working out, or just an ordinary day.

CLEANLINESS IS PRIORITY: Designed with dust-proof mesh to filter out unwanted particles. It is washable too to prevent bacterial growth.

FUSS-FREE: Fits your AirPods Pro perfectly, even inside the charging case. Sizes are exactly like the original. Easy installation and removal. Just insert the end where audio comes out to the ear tip and press to secure. Tip: Compress memory foam ear tips with your fingers. Place ear tips on your ears and let the foam expand to the perfect shape that both suits your ear and provides the best audio seal. Outer Diameter: 11.7mm.

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