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PROTECT AND ADD STYLE C Take care of your AirPods and make them unique C like you. These adhesive vinyl wraps are compatible with Apple AirPods and any type of AirPods case. AirPod Skins protective wraps enhance the look of your headphones while protecting them from damage.

GUARANTEED FOREVER WITH FREE REPLACEMENTSC APSkins provides the best Customer Service around, if you ever need help, youll be taken care of. Additionally, with you purchase you will receive a special coupon code that entitles you to FREE replacement skins for life!

HIGHEST QUALITY- Our Air Pods skins are custom designed and are manufactured out of the highest grade Oracal and 3M adhesive vinyl. Note these are adhesive vinyl skins and not silicon wraps C the tight tolerances of the Apple AirPods are too tight for that.

DOZENS OF COLORS C Black Airpods? Sure! How about red, gold, blue or pink Airpod skins? Black Airpod skins and many other colors and patterns are possible with APSkins. Say goodbye to white headphones. Now you can tell your AirPods apart from everybody elses. Perfect for multi-headset families.

EASY TO INSTALL C Just follow our online instructions and youll have some great looking wireless earbuds. Dont worry if you have trouble, our Customer Service is unmatched and well send you replacement skins for free.

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Gold, Cobalt Blue, Matte Black, Bubblegum Pink, Space Grey, Lilac, Gloss Black, Red, Admiral Blue, Titanium, Grey, Forest Green, Turquoise, Mint Green



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