AirPods Charging Case Apple Airpods Case Protective Case Covers



Wireless Charging – This is a protective case of AirPods 1st generation charging case with wireless charging, so that you do not need to use cable to charge. Just insert your AirPods charging case into this case,then put it on any QI wireless charger, and it will be charged very well.

QI Standard – Built in smart QI wireless charging chip, can protect your AirPods when charging, effectively reduce charging temperature and improve wireless charging efficiency.

Protection – Precision molded for your AirPods charging case with great fit to protect it against scratch and drops. Special surface treatment technology, will give you same touch feeling as your Airpods.

Compatible – Compatible with all QI standard wireless charger. Your wireless charger not only charge your phone, but also charge your AirPods.

NOTE – It is a protective case cover for Apple AirPods charging case with wireless charge function,can not work without AirPods charging case. It can not charge your AirPods earphones directly,still need your AirPods charging case.It can’t be used instead of your AirPods Charging Case.

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